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Mission Cry November 2017

We are partnering with Mission Cry (Formerly Christian Resources International) To host a Crusade and day long Festival in November of 2017.  Location is in the city of San Ignacio Cayo District of Belize.  We working to set up a medical team as well as an evening Crusade.  The main event on this trip will be the distribution of Bibles and Christian Books to every home in Belize.  We have a great network of pastors and schools that will be helping us accomplish this goal.  The first container will arrive in June for a festival being held in Belize City with another partner/friend.  The rest of the containers will arrive in the fall prior to the event and we need lots of help!

​If you are interested in join this team you can do so either in June of July.  Cost will be $2300.

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